Cool Options for Swimming Pool Lighting

CIf you’re interested in upgrading the pool at your Los Angeles home, don’t forget about lighting. In today’s market, you’ll discover a host of new options for swimming pool lighting. You can create a space in your backyard that feels relaxing or vibrant. It all comes down to the selection you make.

For starters, make the area pop by using LED swimming pool lighting that covers the entire perimeter. Even if you’re inside eating dinner or relaxing while watching television, you can peer out the window and see an incredible spectacle. When you are outside, this lighting looks even more mesmerizing.

What about a cascading waterfall complete with swimming pool lighting? For this, you could stick with a single color or choose a myriad of different hues. At night, your pool takes on a completely different look. As the water spills over the edge and onto shiny rocks, everything illuminates. You’ll also notice a stunning reflection on the water’s surface.

If you want to add geysers to your pool, talk to the installer about incorporating swimming pool lighting as part of the overall design. Each time a geyser sprays, it’ll shoot out both water and a rainbow of colors. Although this is something that adults love, it’s especially exciting for kids who enjoy an evening dip in the pool.

A simple way to use swimming pool lighting at your Los Angeles home comes in the way of spheres. These float on the surface, moving slowly with each ripple of the water. As with the other options, you can select just one color, create a beautiful color scheme, or randomly select different hues.

An expert can also use lighting to create a masterpiece in different areas of the pool. One example entails using a combination of purple and blue. In this case, you might have one section that’s just purple, another that’s only blue, and then yet another that’s a mixture of the two colors. This creates a magical atmosphere.

Pool Safety Tips That Every Beverly Hills Homeowner Should Know About

Custom Pool Design
Custom Pool Design

With a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard of your Beverly Hills home, you probably do a lot of entertaining. Even if you just have family members and close friends over, it is essential that you know all about pool safety. Especially when parents of smaller children visit or someone with little swimming experience, you want to provide everyone with a fun but also safe day.

For starters, you should always have your pool enclosed. If you worry that a fence or some other type of enclosure will distract from the beauty of your Beverly Hills home, remember, there is an abundance of options available. You could select stylish fencing that matches the fence around the perimeter of your yard. Regardless of which direction you go, make sure the enclosure locks.

Another important pool safety tip involves posting specific rules where people can clearly see them. While you might think this sounds rude, the last thing you want is for someone to sustain an injury because they had no idea what you did and did not allow. Simple things like “no running,” “no diving in the shallow end,” “no glass containers around the pool deck,” and others as you see fit, will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

One pool safety tip that a lot of people overlook has to do with the decking itself. Kids, and even some adults, forget the “no running” rule, which almost always leads to trouble. You can prevent accidents by having new decking installed. Instead of having the current surface ripped out and re-poured, consider an overlay. Not only will it enhance the appearance of your pool, but also provide a slip-resistant and cool-to-the-touch surface.

One final pool safety tip, and perhaps the most critical, is that at no time, should anyone under the age of 16 or without swimming experience have access unless with an adult who can swim. By implementing the things mentioned, you can throw as many parties as you want while remaining stress-free.

Pool Maintenance Tips Every Los Angeles Homeowner Should Follow

If you have a home in Los Angeles with a swimming pool in the backyard, you should follow several helpful maintenance tips. Even if a professional comes to your house weekly to keep the water clean and the equipment running, it never hurts to know about pool maintenance in case that individual is unable to come for an extended length of time.

Especially in warm Los Angeles, slacking on pool maintenance could become a problem all year round. The last thing you want is an unusable pool with green or cloudy water. With a few simple tips, you can keep your pool in pristine condition. You may even let your hired help go.

  • Scrubbing and Skimming – To maintain your swimming pool, make scrubbing and skimming part of the schedule. Removing floating debris and keeping the sides and bottom of the pool clean requires little effort and time. If preferred, have a robotic cleaner installed that handles this portion of the maintenance for you.
  • Filter – Include regular cleaning of the filter part of ongoing pool maintenance. Along with removing leaves, dirt, and other small items from the filter, you should know how to clean out the pipes associated with the filtration system. By doing this once a month, the filter works properly and lasts longer.
  • Chemicals – For clean and sanitary water, use the right type of chemicals and in the correct amount. You can purchase an inexpensive testing kit that makes this process easy and accurate. Ideally, check the chemicals once a week.
  • Shocking – Another part of pool maintenance you should know about is how to shock it if you notice the water clouding. With this action, the chlorine levels increase dramatically over a short amount of time.
  • Water Level – Los Angeles stays warm throughout the year, especially during the summer months. That could decrease the water level creating problems. Try to keep the level halfway up to the opening of the skimmer.

Instead of Rebuilding, Talk to an Expert About Pool Restoration for Your Malibu Home

If your home in Malibu experienced any damage from the raging Woolsey Fire, obviously, your primary focus is on making repairs to the house. However, if you have a damaged swimming pool, you will need to turn your attention to it at some point as well. Instead of completely rebuilding, you should first talk to an expert builder about pool restoration.

Even if the fire posed no risk to your house, but the pool has begun to show signs of wear and tear, restoration remains a viable option. As the name implies, pool restoration entails an expert to “fix” the plaster, Gunite, or fiberglass interior, along with the pool deck around the perimeter.

Depending on the specific problem, a professional builder will make any necessary changes. Although the primary goal of a pool restoration is to bring the surface back to pristine condition, this is also an excellent time to consider adding features. For instance, during the restoration process, the builder could add a waterfall feature, a geyser, concrete tanning ledge, swim-up bar, and more.

Also, while going through the pool restoration process, the professional would assess and test the pump, filter, vacuum system, and other mechanicals to ensure they are in proper working condition. If not, that individual will either repair them, or you can opt to upgrade to a different or higher-end system.

With the restoration project complete, you end up with a swimming pool that looks and functions as though brand new. Because this process involves resurfacing the interior, you might also consider changing the color. Today, builders offer a broad range of options, from light blue or green to black.

Especially if you plan to stay in your Malibu home for years to come, pool restoration makes perfect sense. The newly finished project gives you and your family, as well as friends and clients, an enjoyable space for recreation and exercise.

Where to Find Inspiration for Pool Designs in Los Angeles

After waiting for what seems like forever, the builder finally completed construction on your new home in Los Angeles. As the finishing touch, you now need to find pool designs you like. The goal is to look at different options that inspire you. Although you can see what your neighbors did, you want something unique that enhances your newly built house.

  • Family and Friends – Whether you look at the various pool designs at the homes of family and friends or you come together to brainstorm, this is an excellent way to find inspiration. After all, these people feel excited for you and want you to have the pool of your dreams. With your best interest in mind, you can expect a lot of input.
  • Social Media – Certain websites, including Pinterest, is another great place to go for inspiration on pool designs. In fact, with thousands upon thousands of options, you can expect to spend hours browsing through photos
  • Internet Search – If preferred, you can conduct an internet search, using search keywords like “innovative pool designs.” In fact, you can narrow the ideas down by including “Los Angeles” in your search.
  • Pool Builder – A professional pool builder does more than just install swimming pools and hot tubs. When you do business with the right builder, that individual can offer some great ideas. As someone “in the know,” you will even gain insight into the up and coming trends ahead of other people.
  • Creative Mind – You may have more of a creative streak than you think. Consider the style, type, and size of the pool you want, any special features you would like added, a unique shape, and so on. Sometimes, putting pen to paper helps with inspiration.

Even if you come up with several spectacular pool designs, you can always make changes. In other words, if a specific style and shape grab your attention, use that as the foundation on which to build. You can also mix and match different designs for you to come up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your Los Angeles home.

Tips for Hiring the Right Pool and Spa Contractor to Transform the Outdoor Living Area at Your Santa Monica Home

Is the outdoor living area at your Santa Monica home boring? Do you want to do something about it? Why not contact a reputable pool and spa contractor? During your discussion, you can decide if you want a swimming pool or spa installed — or perhaps both.

As this is a significant investment, it is essential that you hire the right pool and spa contractor. Experience and expertise go a long way in a project like this. After all, you want to create an outdoor area at your Santa Monica home where you can relax but also feel proud to invite family and friends over.

Unfortunately, anyone can talk a good game. To find the best pool and spa contractor for the job, it is critical that you verify credentials. As part of this, confirm that the contractor has a permanent brick-and-mortar address and phone number. Also, ask for proof of certification and licensing. Then, request to see the contractor’s portfolio of similar completed projects.

No matter how good the sales pitch, you should ask for three to five referrals. When talking to past customers, inquire as to the type of pool or spa they had installed, if the project went according to plan, if the crew was respectful and professional, and if there were any issues. If so, find out if the contractor resolved the problem and how quickly.

Along with customers’ names, if you want to hire the best pool and spa contractor to work on your project, check the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Angie’s List, and other industry- and consumer-related sites. If possible, select someone with an A+ rating with the BBB or, at a minimum, a contractor without complaints.

Most trade associations require their members to abide by strict quality standards. Therefore, if you find a pool and spa contractor to complete a job at your Santa Monica home who has an affiliation with respected organizations, there is little risk of something going wrong.

Give People Who Visit Your Los Angeles Home Something to Talk About with These 8 Pool Enhancements

Custom Pool by Min Yoshida
Custom Pool by Min Yoshida

Give People Who Visit Your Los Angeles Home Something to Talk About with These 8 Pool Enhancements

Do you love throwing pool parties at your Los Angeles home? If so, consider one or more of the following eight pool enhancements to give your guests something to talk about after visiting. After all, with thousands upon thousands of LA homes having swimming pools, people who attend a lot of parties have seen it all. With a little creativity and an excellent pool builder, you can offer your guests something unique.

  1. Swim-Through Grotto – Not just any swim-through grotto, but one with changing fiber-optic lights and a built-in stereo system. Guests who want to escape the busy area of the pool can spend time inside the grotto.
  2. Geyser – Similar to the geysers seen in national parks, you can have your pool builder create one in the middle of your pool. Over the past two years, geysers have become one of the most sought-after pool enhancements.
  3. Light Display – Instead of an ordinary light at the deep end of the pool at your Los Angeles home, have one installed that changes color.
  4. Attached Jacuzzi – Rather than your guests getting out of the pool to head to the jacuzzi, have one attached. That way, they can hop back and forth as they please.
  5. Gazebo – At one end of the pool, have a gazebo built. Include concrete stools and a bar where you can serve your guests snacks and drinks.
  6. Motif – A beautiful motif designed at the bottom of the pool is another one of the increasingly popular pool enhancements seen in Los Angeles. However, because everyone has a different preference, there are probably no two alike.
  7. Sliding Board – Replace the standard diving board with a sliding board that travels from the top of a fountain rock formation into the water.
  8. Flowing Waterfall – For a waterfall feature, do something different. Instead of one that takes up only a small section of the pool, have your builder make a flowing waterfall that takes up an entire side.

Take Relaxation to a New Level with Custom In-Pool Seating at Your Malibu Home

In addition to swimming for fun and exercise, pools provide the perfect environment for relaxation. Whether you have an existing pool or plan to have one installed, you can take R&R to a new level by having custom in-pool seating installed.

Made from concrete, this type of seating is just what it sounds, a place where people can relax while still in the water. With so many design options, your new custom in-pool seating becomes the talk of the town. You can enjoy sitting in the water after work or offer your guests a way to stay comfortable when visiting.

When it comes to custom in-pool seating for your Malibu home, the following represent just a few of the many possibilities.

  • Simple and Sweet – For a smaller pool, you could have seating added near the edge of the pool or close to an attached hot tub. That way, people have a place to relax without the seats taking up room in the water itself.
  • The Ultimate Grotto – If you have or want a grotto included in your pool design, seating inside would make it extraordinary. The contractor could have the seats hug the walls to avoid blocking the swim-through area.
  • Table and Chairs – Along with custom in-pool seating, you could have a table added. Just imagine having a place for guests to sit right in the middle of the pool, enjoying food and drinks while staying cool.
  • Bar Included – Another fantastic design includes a swim-up bar. While you can choose something simple, if you want to go all out, consider adding custom in-pool seating directly in front of a bar covered with a thatched roof. Based on your preference, you could have the interior area of the bar as part of the pool or dry. Either way, you can serve cold beverages and snacks to people without them ever leaving the water.

Tips for Keeping a Custom Pool in Pristine Condition

If you enjoy having family and friends over to swim or relax around the pool, you want to create a backyard space that looks and feels inviting. You can accomplish that by first having a custom pool built and placing comfortable lounge chairs around the deck. From there, you need to learn what it takes to keep the pool in pristine condition, so that the water is always clean and beautiful.

Following are a few tips that will help you keep your custom pool in perfect condition all year long.

  • Chemical Check – Make sure that you check the chemical levels in your custom pool regularly. Especially if you notice any skin or eye irritation after swimming or the water begins to look murky, those are telltale signs that the chemicals are off. At a minimum, check the water weekly and pay close attention to the chlorine, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness levels.
  • Oil Absorption – When the water becomes oily from suntan lotion, toss in a few new tennis balls. As they float around, they absorb unwanted oils.
  • Skimming and Scrubbing – It is also essential that you skim and scrub your custom pool frequently. In fact, try to do this every day to prevent algae buildup. If it fits in your budget, you might consider investing in a robot vacuum to do the work for you.
  • Annual Service – Along with the things that you do to keep the pool in perfect condition, have it checked at least once a year by a professional service company. The technician will assess every aspect of the pool, including the pump, filter, heating system, and lighting to ensure everything operates correctly.

With a little bit of work and the service of a professional once a year, you will have no problem keeping your custom pool in tip-top shape. Even if someone shows up at your house unexpectedly, you can invite them to enjoy time in the water without any concern.

Throw Memorable Beverly Hills Parties with a Custom Pool Design

Known for its lavish parties, Beverly Hills, California, is the perfect place to build a custom pool. If you anticipate having people over on various occasions throughout the year, you want to ensure that everyone has a memorable time. One way to accomplish that is with a custom pool design.

Considering that the weather is nice enough to swim in an outdoor pool all year round, there is an excellent chance that you will host numerous parties at your Beverly Hills home. Instead of the same cookie-cutter designs, work with a professional pool builder to produce a unique concept that no one has seen before.

For instance, rather than a traditional style grotto, choose a custom pool design that will leave your guests speechless. You could have fiber optics added, concrete seating, and various other features inside of the swim-through cave. Another option is to have several openings, allowing people to enter the grotto from different directions.

You might also consider a custom pool design that includes fountains or geysers. Now, these are not your ordinary features, but colored water displays set to music. As part of this, the builder can create smaller fountain sprays when children swim and then something more elaborate for at night when most of the guests are adults.

The builder can even create an unusual shape. If your business relates to a specific product, you could incorporate that into the custom pool design. For instance, if you have a landscaping business or nursery, you might think about a tree- or flower-shaped pool. If you sell musical instruments, you could go with a pool shaped like a piano or a guitar. By working with a reputable builder, the sky is the limit.

For the times when you entertain clients, it would be nice to have a Jacuzzi connected to the swimming pool. For something extraordinary, include a built-in sound system, fiber optic lighting, cup holders, and multiple jet sprays.