Custom Pool Designs: Attract More Customers to Your Pacific Palisades Fitness Center

Today, an increasing number of fitness center owners have picked up the pace in providing their customers with enhanced services and, therefore, more value. Some fitness centers in Pacific Palisades are no different. In addition to state-of-the-art workout equipment, excellent programs, and outstanding customer support, these fitness facilities boast swimming pools.

All of those things help bolster business. However, if you own a fitness center and want to expand your business to a new level of success, you should start looking at custom pool designs. While some people enjoy the water as a way of relaxing after an intense workout, others take laps for exercise or to splash around for the sake of enjoyment. Regardless, with an incredible pool design, you will attract more customers.

With custom pool designs, the sky is the limit. Along with choosing the pool’s type, style, size, and shape, you can add on special features. As an example, for your fitness center in Pacific Palisades, you might consider a grotto, swim-up bar complete with seats, fiber optic lighting, underwater sound system, or waterfall feature.

To determine what type of features people would enjoy most, you might provide all of your members with a questionnaire or a simple form to check things off. You can use the feedback to decide on the best options. Be sure to inform the members that you cannot guarantee they will get what they want but let them know that your goal is to increase what you offer at your Pacific Palisades fitness center.

Depending on the size of the pool, as well as interest in the community, you might be able to open your fitness center up for swim lessons or races. This will help increase your membership base. For the best quality custom pool designs, make sure that you work with a reputable company with years of experience.

What Every Homeowner Should Expect from a Los Angeles Pool Contractor

If you have a home in Los Angeles and want a pool installed in your backyard, it is imperative that you hire a reputable pool contractor. Otherwise, you could end up with something that you never wanted. As part of your research, you should expect potential contractors to provide certain things. By knowing what these things are, you will feel confident in your final decision.

  • Referrals – Qualified Los Angeles pool contractors should have no problem providing you with a list of references. With that list in hand, it then becomes your responsibility to make contact. Ask former customers about the contractor’s level of professionalism, on-time schedule, response, resolution, and so on. If a contractor hesitates to offer references, consider that a red flag.
  • Credentials – You should also expect for professional Los Angeles pool contractors to provide credentials. As part of that, the contractors should offer information regarding their experience in the industry, the type of pools typically built, current licensing and insurance, special skills, and more.
  • Accurate Bid – Trusted pool contractors should provide you with a written Included should be the proposed schedule from start to finish, a list of materials required for the job, the number of subcontractors, etc.
  • Good and Honest Communication – The pool contractors on your short list should be easy to talk to and honest with the information provided. Although you will use several things to make your final decision, it is important to listen to your gut. Because having a pool installed at your Los Angeles home is a big commitment, you deserve a realistic estimate, no pressure, recommendations on the right type of pool, and complete honesty regarding the schedule and potential issues.

 Professionalism – Pool contractors should also be professional at all times. After all, this is a business transaction, and as the customer, you should expect to receive the utmost respect.

Turn Up the Entertainment at Your Los Angeles Home with a Custom Pool Design

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Regardless if you spend time entertaining a small group of family or friends or you host big, elaborate parties for high-profile clients, you are sure to throw a perfect event by choosing the right custom pool design.

Not every event will involve swimming. However, you can utilize the space around the pool to host fabulous parties. For instance, you can set up tables for food and drink, lavish decorations, and appropriate music playing in the background. For this type of event, the custom pool design merely serves as a backdrop.

Of course, for gatherings that do involve swimming, you want a custom pool design for your Los Angeles home that wows everyone. Instead of an ordinary pool, you have the opportunity to go all out. For example, you can choose to have a uniquely shaped pool installed, something that is different from what anyone else has.

To your custom pool design, a professional pool builder can add any number of special features. To take entertainment to the next level, you might consider a stunning rock waterfall complemented by a swim-through cave. Other options include a built-in concrete diving board, a beautiful water feature in the middle of the pool on a concrete platform, and permanent seating to go along with a swim-up bar.

The right pool builder can also enhance your pool using fiber optic lights and gorgeous landscaping. If entertaining people is a big part of your life in Los Angeles, your pool can serve as the focal point. To complete your custom pool design, you can have a gorgeous patio built, complete with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and big-screen television. If you are going to entertain, then do it with style.

The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Pool Design Builder in Pacific Palisades

If you are toying with the idea of having a custom pool built at your Pacific Palisades home, start by looking at all of the benefits. While some of the benefits are obvious, others will probably surprise you. The fact is that hiring a custom pool design builder comes with a lot of perks.


By hiring a custom pool design builder, you have the opportunity to be involved in the process from day one. With customization, a builder will create a pool specifically for you based on your specifications, so your input is critical. Working closely with a professional who has years of experience and expertise, you will consider recommendations but also have a lot of say regarding the finished product. Not only does this result in you getting the custom pool you want, it gives you a real sense of pride.

Add-On Features

Another benefit of hiring a custom pool design builder for your Pacific Palisades home is that you get to select different add-on features. Depending on your budget, the size of your backyard, and your preferences, you can choose from a broad list of possibilities. As an example, you can have a concrete diving board, waterfall feature, swim-through cave, rock slide, swim-up bar with in-pool seating, or special lighting effects.

High-End Materials

You also get to choose the materials used to create your pool. You and your builder can work on the details specific to the size, shape, color, pattern, and texture of your swimming pool. You might think about having a beautiful decorative pool deck installed or a mosaic tile in a unique design added to the bottom of the pool. When the project is complete, you will be the envy of everyone in your Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

A Custom Pool Design Will Give Your Santa Monica Backyard Unique Character and Personality

Custom pool in Santa Monica
Custom pool in Santa Monica

Why choose an ordinary pool for your Santa Monica backyard when you have incredible options with a custom pool design? A common misconception is that a customized pool is simply unattainable. In reality, there is a perfect solution for everyone. If you are interested in having a new pool installed, look at what customization can accomplish. A customized pool will give your backyard space distinct character and personality while meeting all of your specifications.

  • Size and Shape – With a custom pool design, you have the opportunity to select the preferred size and shape, barring any restrictions as to the available space and configuration of your Santa Monica backyard.
  • Types of Pools – You have several outstanding choices as to the type of pool. For example, you might consider a vinyl liner pool. Well-made, the liner makes it appear as if the bottom of the pool were actually painted. Fiberglass pools, which are fabricated off-site, are an excellent option. If you want the best of the best, choose a Gunite pool. Built on-site, this type of pool gives the builder more creative leeway.
  • Add-On Features – Selecting various add-on features is one of the most exciting aspects of a custom pool design. With so many amazing possibilities, you can choose something subtle or go all out to create an oasis in your Santa Monica backyard. The most enticing add-ons include a rock waterfall, concrete diving board, rock water slide, built-in concrete swim-up bar and stools, fiber optic lights, geysers and other shooting water features, attached hot tub, and center island.
  • Saltwater and Chlorine Water – For your custom pool design, you can choose between saltwater and chlorine. The primary difference is that some experts claim a saltwater pool is healthier because people are exposed to fewer toxins. However, the decision comes down to personal preference.

The 7 Most Important Questions You Can Ask a Custom Pool Builder in Malibu, CA

If you are contemplating having a pool built at your Malibu home, it is imperative that you hire the right builder. In your quest for doing so, you need to ask each pool builder you are considering several key questions.

How many years have you been building custom pools? – Make sure that you hire a pool builder who has a minimum of five years of experience creating your type of pool.

Do you have a work portfolio? – A reputable custom pool builder in Malibu jumps at the chance to show off his or her work. If you ask to view a portfolio only to be met with hesitation, consider it a red flag.

Can you offer references of past customers? – Again, a great pool builder will gladly provide you with the names and contact information of several past customers. Be sure to contact each person, asking about the builder’s level of skill, communication, professionalism, and delivery.

Are you a current member of the BBB and APSP? – If a pool builder is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, it means that he or she performs work to very high standards and follows ethical business practices.

What type of insurance do you have? – The builder should have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This is not only for the builder’s protection but also yours should something on your property be damaged or a worker be injured.

Is all of the necessary work included in the contract? – To ensure that you only pay the price quoted, the custom pool builder should provide you with a contract that has a “rock clause” or a special insurance policy with a “rock allowance.” That way, if the cost goes above the contract price, no money comes out of your pocket.

What is your guarantee? Having a custom pool built is an investment, so you want to know about the builder’s guarantee.

What Defines a Custom Pool Design for Homes in Los Angeles

When talking about a custom pool design for a home in Los Angeles, everyone envisions something different. The fact is that custom design means that your pool can be whatever you want, since it is built according to your personal preferences.

Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 2
Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 2

If your Los Angeles home is modern, you can choose a custom pool that has a clean and contemporary aesthetic. In this case, the pool builder can come up with a unique shape or size specific to your backyard area. You might also be interested in a design that makes the pool appear to be an extension of the home. Even when keeping things simple and streamlined, there are multiple ways to customize.

A custom pool can also be designed with beautiful curves that you would not find at most other homes in Los Angeles. In place of a traditional rectangular pool, you might opt for a circular or semi-circular shape. Especially when combined with a natural stone pool deck, the design has an almost tropical vibe. To create your own personal oasis, consider adding the right lighting and landscaping to the mix.

A custom pool design can also be a salt pool opposed to a chlorine pool. Although chlorine is used in both types of pools, a salt pool, also known as a saline pool, is unique in that salts actually suspend in the water. However, the amount is not enough to make the water smell or taste like salt, nor will it cause corrosion to any metal objects in or around the pool.

Another option for a custom pool at your Los Angeles home is to have the builder focus on depth opposed to width and length. Known as a plunge pool, this is an ideal concept for backyards with limited square footage. For pool customization, there are no real limitations. By working with a professional pool builder, you will get everything you want and more.

How to Guarantee that You Hire the Right Pool Builder for Your Santa Monica Home

Swimming pools in California are common, even for homes located near the ocean. While some homeowners prefer an above-ground pool, others want something more permanent, leading them to install an in-ground pool. Regardless of your preference, the most important decision that you will make for this type of project is choosing the right pool builder for your Santa Monica home.

A pool is an investment, so you want the best contractor working on the job. Identify several candidates by searching through websites, checking with the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, asking for recommendations from trusted family and friends, and contacting your local pool contractor association. With that complete, dig deeper to find builders that offer the type, style, and design of pool that you want.

Another aspect of hiring the right pool builder in Santa Monica is that you want someone who is certified. The person who will actually build your pool should be a Certified Pool Builder. Keep in mind that this designation is not awarded to companies, but rather, individuals. This certification guarantees that the builder completed extensive training and testing.

Perform a complete analysis of the potential builders, not only for the type of pools they build, but guarantees, prices, and other factors. For example, some pool builders also provide outdoor lighting and landscaping services; if that is something you are interested in, make sure the pool builder you select for your Santa Monica home is qualified to handle multiple projects.

A well-respected pool builder will provide you with reading material. Before making your final selection, read through everything. Although it is just as important to read the proposals and contracts, this material is often insightful. More than likely, it will answer most, if not all, of your key questions. Otherwise, consider only builders that will come to your home, conduct an assessment, and then go over every detail of the project. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

Min Yoshida Pools

Min Yoshida with over 30 years of pool building experience is able to create the perfect pool, spa or setting for your home. With original new design and completely custom services, Min Yoshida pools has set a high standard of excellence and will make sure your pool design, build and after market service is of the highest integrity.