Pool Safety Tips That Every Beverly Hills Homeowner Should Know About

Custom Pool Design
Custom Pool Design

With a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard of your Beverly Hills home, you probably do a lot of entertaining. Even if you just have family members and close friends over, it is essential that you know all about pool safety. Especially when parents of smaller children visit or someone with little swimming experience, you want to provide everyone with a fun but also safe day.

For starters, you should always have your pool enclosed. If you worry that a fence or some other type of enclosure will distract from the beauty of your Beverly Hills home, remember, there is an abundance of options available. You could select stylish fencing that matches the fence around the perimeter of your yard. Regardless of which direction you go, make sure the enclosure locks.

Another important pool safety tip involves posting specific rules where people can clearly see them. While you might think this sounds rude, the last thing you want is for someone to sustain an injury because they had no idea what you did and did not allow. Simple things like “no running,” “no diving in the shallow end,” “no glass containers around the pool deck,” and others as you see fit, will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

One pool safety tip that a lot of people overlook has to do with the decking itself. Kids, and even some adults, forget the “no running” rule, which almost always leads to trouble. You can prevent accidents by having new decking installed. Instead of having the current surface ripped out and re-poured, consider an overlay. Not only will it enhance the appearance of your pool, but also provide a slip-resistant and cool-to-the-touch surface.

One final pool safety tip, and perhaps the most critical, is that at no time, should anyone under the age of 16 or without swimming experience have access unless with an adult who can swim. By implementing the things mentioned, you can throw as many parties as you want while remaining stress-free.