Cool Options for Swimming Pool Lighting

CIf you’re interested in upgrading the pool at your Los Angeles home, don’t forget about lighting. In today’s market, you’ll discover a host of new options for swimming pool lighting. You can create a space in your backyard that feels relaxing or vibrant. It all comes down to the selection you make.

For starters, make the area pop by using LED swimming pool lighting that covers the entire perimeter. Even if you’re inside eating dinner or relaxing while watching television, you can peer out the window and see an incredible spectacle. When you are outside, this lighting looks even more mesmerizing.

What about a cascading waterfall complete with swimming pool lighting? For this, you could stick with a single color or choose a myriad of different hues. At night, your pool takes on a completely different look. As the water spills over the edge and onto shiny rocks, everything illuminates. You’ll also notice a stunning reflection on the water’s surface.

If you want to add geysers to your pool, talk to the installer about incorporating swimming pool lighting as part of the overall design. Each time a geyser sprays, it’ll shoot out both water and a rainbow of colors. Although this is something that adults love, it’s especially exciting for kids who enjoy an evening dip in the pool.

A simple way to use swimming pool lighting at your Los Angeles home comes in the way of spheres. These float on the surface, moving slowly with each ripple of the water. As with the other options, you can select just one color, create a beautiful color scheme, or randomly select different hues.

An expert can also use lighting to create a masterpiece in different areas of the pool. One example entails using a combination of purple and blue. In this case, you might have one section that’s just purple, another that’s only blue, and then yet another that’s a mixture of the two colors. This creates a magical atmosphere.