What Defines a Custom Pool Design for Homes in Los Angeles

When talking about a custom pool design for a home in Los Angeles, everyone envisions something different. The fact is that custom design means that your pool can be whatever you want, since it is built according to your personal preferences.

Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 2
Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 2

If your Los Angeles home is modern, you can choose a custom pool that has a clean and contemporary aesthetic. In this case, the pool builder can come up with a unique shape or size specific to your backyard area. You might also be interested in a design that makes the pool appear to be an extension of the home. Even when keeping things simple and streamlined, there are multiple ways to customize.

A custom pool can also be designed with beautiful curves that you would not find at most other homes in Los Angeles. In place of a traditional rectangular pool, you might opt for a circular or semi-circular shape. Especially when combined with a natural stone pool deck, the design has an almost tropical vibe. To create your own personal oasis, consider adding the right lighting and landscaping to the mix.

A custom pool design can also be a salt pool opposed to a chlorine pool. Although chlorine is used in both types of pools, a salt pool, also known as a saline pool, is unique in that salts actually suspend in the water. However, the amount is not enough to make the water smell or taste like salt, nor will it cause corrosion to any metal objects in or around the pool.

Another option for a custom pool at your Los Angeles home is to have the builder focus on depth opposed to width and length. Known as a plunge pool, this is an ideal concept for backyards with limited square footage. For pool customization, there are no real limitations. By working with a professional pool builder, you will get everything you want and more.

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