A Custom Pool Design Will Give Your Santa Monica Backyard Unique Character and Personality

Custom pool in Santa Monica
Custom pool in Santa Monica

Why choose an ordinary pool for your Santa Monica backyard when you have incredible options with a custom pool design? A common misconception is that a customized pool is simply unattainable. In reality, there is a perfect solution for everyone. If you are interested in having a new pool installed, look at what customization can accomplish. A customized pool will give your backyard space distinct character and personality while meeting all of your specifications.

  • Size and Shape – With a custom pool design, you have the opportunity to select the preferred size and shape, barring any restrictions as to the available space and configuration of your Santa Monica backyard.
  • Types of Pools – You have several outstanding choices as to the type of pool. For example, you might consider a vinyl liner pool. Well-made, the liner makes it appear as if the bottom of the pool were actually painted. Fiberglass pools, which are fabricated off-site, are an excellent option. If you want the best of the best, choose a Gunite pool. Built on-site, this type of pool gives the builder more creative leeway.
  • Add-On Features – Selecting various add-on features is one of the most exciting aspects of a custom pool design. With so many amazing possibilities, you can choose something subtle or go all out to create an oasis in your Santa Monica backyard. The most enticing add-ons include a rock waterfall, concrete diving board, rock water slide, built-in concrete swim-up bar and stools, fiber optic lights, geysers and other shooting water features, attached hot tub, and center island.
  • Saltwater and Chlorine Water – For your custom pool design, you can choose between saltwater and chlorine. The primary difference is that some experts claim a saltwater pool is healthier because people are exposed to fewer toxins. However, the decision comes down to personal preference.

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