Instead of Rebuilding, Talk to an Expert About Pool Restoration for Your Malibu Home

Custom pool design

If your home in Malibu experienced any damage from the raging Woolsey Fire, obviously, your primary focus is on making repairs to the house. However, if you have a damaged swimming pool, you will need to turn your attention to it at some point as well. Instead of completely rebuilding, you should first talk to an expert builder about pool restoration.

Even if the fire posed no risk to your house, but the pool has begun to show signs of wear and tear, restoration remains a viable option. As the name implies, pool restoration entails an expert to “fix” the plaster, Gunite, or fiberglass interior, along with the pool deck around the perimeter.

Depending on the specific problem, a professional builder will make any necessary changes. Although the primary goal of a pool restoration is to bring the surface back to pristine condition, this is also an excellent time to consider adding features. For instance, during the restoration process, the builder could add a waterfall feature, a geyser, concrete tanning ledge, swim-up bar, and more.

Also, while going through the pool restoration process, the professional would assess and test the pump, filter, vacuum system, and other mechanicals to ensure they are in proper working condition. If not, that individual will either repair them, or you can opt to upgrade to a different or higher-end system.

With the restoration project complete, you end up with a swimming pool that looks and functions as though brand new. Because this process involves resurfacing the interior, you might also consider changing the color. Today, builders offer a broad range of options, from light blue or green to black.

Especially if you plan to stay in your Malibu home for years to come, pool restoration makes perfect sense. The newly finished project gives you and your family, as well as friends and clients, an enjoyable space for recreation and exercise.