Take Relaxation to a New Level with Custom In-Pool Seating at Your Malibu Home

Custom Pools in LA

In addition to swimming for fun and exercise, pools provide the perfect environment for relaxation. Whether you have an existing pool or plan to have one installed, you can take R&R to a new level by having custom in-pool seating installed.

Made from concrete, this type of seating is just what it sounds, a place where people can relax while still in the water. With so many design options, your new custom in-pool seating becomes the talk of the town. You can enjoy sitting in the water after work or offer your guests a way to stay comfortable when visiting.

When it comes to custom in-pool seating for your Malibu home, the following represent just a few of the many possibilities.

  • Simple and Sweet – For a smaller pool, you could have seating added near the edge of the pool or close to an attached hot tub. That way, people have a place to relax without the seats taking up room in the water itself.
  • The Ultimate Grotto – If you have or want a grotto included in your pool design, seating inside would make it extraordinary. The contractor could have the seats hug the walls to avoid blocking the swim-through area.
  • Table and Chairs – Along with custom in-pool seating, you could have a table added. Just imagine having a place for guests to sit right in the middle of the pool, enjoying food and drinks while staying cool.
  • Bar Included – Another fantastic design includes a swim-up bar. While you can choose something simple, if you want to go all out, consider adding custom in-pool seating directly in front of a bar covered with a thatched roof. Based on your preference, you could have the interior area of the bar as part of the pool or dry. Either way, you can serve cold beverages and snacks to people without them ever leaving the water.