Tips for Keeping a Custom Pool in Pristine Condition

If you enjoy having family and friends over to swim or relax around the pool, you want to create a backyard space that looks and feels inviting. You can accomplish that by first having a custom pool built and placing comfortable lounge chairs around the deck. From there, you need to learn what it takes to keep the pool in pristine condition, so that the water is always clean and beautiful.

Following are a few tips that will help you keep your custom pool in perfect condition all year long.

  • Chemical Check – Make sure that you check the chemical levels in your custom pool regularly. Especially if you notice any skin or eye irritation after swimming or the water begins to look murky, those are telltale signs that the chemicals are off. At a minimum, check the water weekly and pay close attention to the chlorine, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness levels.
  • Oil Absorption – When the water becomes oily from suntan lotion, toss in a few new tennis balls. As they float around, they absorb unwanted oils.
  • Skimming and Scrubbing – It is also essential that you skim and scrub your custom pool frequently. In fact, try to do this every day to prevent algae buildup. If it fits in your budget, you might consider investing in a robot vacuum to do the work for you.
  • Annual Service – Along with the things that you do to keep the pool in perfect condition, have it checked at least once a year by a professional service company. The technician will assess every aspect of the pool, including the pump, filter, heating system, and lighting to ensure everything operates correctly.

With a little bit of work and the service of a professional once a year, you will have no problem keeping your custom pool in tip-top shape. Even if someone shows up at your house unexpectedly, you can invite them to enjoy time in the water without any concern.