Throw Memorable Beverly Hills Parties with a Custom Pool Design

Custom Pool Design

Known for its lavish parties, Beverly Hills, California, is the perfect place to build a custom pool. If you anticipate having people over on various occasions throughout the year, you want to ensure that everyone has a memorable time. One way to accomplish that is with a custom pool design.

Considering that the weather is nice enough to swim in an outdoor pool all year round, there is an excellent chance that you will host numerous parties at your Beverly Hills home. Instead of the same cookie-cutter designs, work with a professional pool builder to produce a unique concept that no one has seen before.

For instance, rather than a traditional style grotto, choose a custom pool design that will leave your guests speechless. You could have fiber optics added, concrete seating, and various other features inside of the swim-through cave. Another option is to have several openings, allowing people to enter the grotto from different directions.

You might also consider a custom pool design that includes fountains or geysers. Now, these are not your ordinary features, but colored water displays set to music. As part of this, the builder can create smaller fountain sprays when children swim and then something more elaborate for at night when most of the guests are adults.

The builder can even create an unusual shape. If your business relates to a specific product, you could incorporate that into the custom pool design. For instance, if you have a landscaping business or nursery, you might think about a tree- or flower-shaped pool. If you sell musical instruments, you could go with a pool shaped like a piano or a guitar. By working with a reputable builder, the sky is the limit.

For the times when you entertain clients, it would be nice to have a Jacuzzi connected to the swimming pool. For something extraordinary, include a built-in sound system, fiber optic lighting, cup holders, and multiple jet sprays.