Adding Style by Using Glass Tile in a Pool

Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 1
Glass tile spa with cold plunge and waterfall 1

This summer, do something different by having glass tile installed around your swimming pool. With an abundance of unique shapes, textures, and colors, these tiles can transform backyard pools into elegant works of art.

With glass tile coming from all over the world, including Italy, Mexico, and China, there are endless possibilities. You can choose something with sophisticated detailing or tiles with clean lines. Either way, they have a handmade artesian quality, giving your pool a one-of-a-kind look.

Although there are no design limits, Venetian glass and transparent tile with a white or colored background rank at the top of the list. You can even have gold specks added. Also, you can have this tile cut in many ways. For instance, if you prefer a more conventional pool design, then you should select tiles of the same size and shape. If you like something unique and almost whimsical, then randomly cut tiles work incredibly well.

Keep in mind that different aspects of your backyard will enhance glass tile around the pool. Beautiful shapes created by shadows of nearby trees or landscaping lighting that bounces off the tile are two examples. For optimal results, consider other features near the pool.

Glass tile is usually 3/4 x 3/4-inch or 1 x 1 inch. However, there are many additional size options. To avoid seeing the thinset bed, go with something other than see-through tile. Also, the color of the thinset plays a role in how the color of the tile appears. For example, gray or white thinset will typically show through. That means you need to be careful when selecting the tile color.

Because installing glass tile takes a different skillset than required for ceramic and other types of tile, be sure to hire a professional who specializes in the installation of tile made from glass.