Transform Your Santa Monica Hotel with a Custom Pool Design

Custom pool design

With fierce competition among hotel owners in Santa Monica, CA, it is imperative to make choices that will help your business stand out. As a hotel owner, an excellent way to attract new customers while retaining the loyalty of guests who frequent your hotel involves the transformation of the swimming pool.

Instead of providing your guests with something ordinary, you can work with a reputable builder to come up with a custom pool design that is sure to wow all your guests. Santa Monica stays relatively warm all year. Therefore, when people search for hotels, whether for a business trip or family vacation, the first amenity they look for is a pool. As part of that search, they spend time browsing through photos, which paints a picture of the caliber of accommodations you provide.

By posting photos of your new custom pool design and showcasing other aspects of your hotel, people will select your business over the competition. In addition to changing the appearance of the pool’s interior, the builder can create a stunning pool deck. That way, whether people go outside to swim or just lounge around to sunbathe, they have a positive experience.

When coming up with a custom pool design, your builder will provide input and guidance as needed. However, as the client, you have a tremendous amount of say about the outcome. For instance, if you want to create a pool area at your Santa Monica hotel that has a tropical look and feel, the builder can design a waterfall, swim-through grotto, and other features that accomplish that goal.

In fact, a professional pool builder can help you choose other things that go along with a custom pool design, including landscaping, lighting, and more. By getting started now, you can have your new pool ready for the arrival of guests during the hotter months of the year.