The Best Pool Deck Surfaces Recommended by a Professional Los Angeles Pool Builder

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Along with building swimming pools, a professional builder in Los Angeles will recommend the right type of pool deck. Since it’s exposed to water, chemicals, and foot traffic and has the potential for abrasions from moving lounge chairs around and getting burned feet from a hot surface, you need a professional to suggest the best options.

Because concrete has become the number one choice for pool decks, you can expect your pool builder to offer this suggestion. The great thing about concrete is that it will last a lifetime, giving you the best return on your investment. However, instead of a dull gray surface, your builder will provide you with information about various decorative concrete solutions.

With stamped concrete, a professional installer can replicate the appearance of various materials, including brick, wood, stone, slate, tile, marble, flagstone, and more. There are also incredible color choices along with standard and custom design elements. Ultimately, you will end up with a one-of-a-kind pool deck that makes your backyard stand out while increasing the value of your Los Angeles home.

Your pool builder will also recommend unglazed tile, pavers, stone, rubber, spray-on acrylic, brick, and even wood. Take stone as a perfect example. Not only is stone beautiful, but you can choose different sizes and configurations to create a unique look. Wood is another excellent choice for a pool deck, especially if you go with an exotic hardwood. While this material requires a little more maintenance, the results are stunning.

There are a few aspects that your pool builder will focus on regardless of the direction you take. For instance, that person will guide you to solutions that are cool to the touch so that even on hot Los Angeles days, no one burns their feet. The builder will look at slip-resistant options to reduce the risk of someone from slipping and getting injured. Even a pool deck resistant to abrasions and chemicals will make the top of the list.