How Custom Pool Designs Help Pacific Palisades Hotel Owners Market Their Business

Custom Pools in LA

Whether you own a large hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a quaint boutique with charming cottage accommodations, if you have a custom swimming pool, you can use it to market your business. When working on an online marketing campaign, many business owners fail to see the opportunity that custom pool designs provide.

For one thing, custom pool designs help businesses like yours stand out. When people come to visit, they love the gorgeous design aesthetics and special add-on features that make your pool unique. An excellent way for you to market your business in Pacific Palisades is by taking photographs of the pool. With the permission of any guests in the photos, post them on your social media accounts. That way, you grab the attention of your target audience.

To enhance your campaign, insert a call-to-action button on the page where the photos landed. That way, site visitors have an easy way to do things like give you a call, book accommodations, get a quote for an upcoming event, and so on. Not only do the photos help enhance your visibility, but now with visitors taking action, this allows you to respond so that you can tell them even more about your hotel and custom swimming pool.

Posting 360-degree photos and videos of custom pool designs on Facebook is an even more powerful marketing tool. Businesses that utilize this option give site visitors a unique experience that makes them feel as though they are at your Pacific Palisades location.

Word of mouth remains one of the best marketing tools. With custom pool designs, businesses in Pacific Palisades get noticed more because satisfied customers talk. If your company is new, then host a grand opening event. For an existing hotel, you can have a grand reopening that highlights your gorgeous pool.